Rust and dust

May 31, 2009

No, this entry is not about antiques… or at least not in an enthusiastic way about antiques.

My father used to drive his van (here’s your antique; complete with missing screws, holes on the floor, visible rust, and an interior that looked like a sofa that got attacked by all the cats in the world) around to work 5 years ago before an engine screw up got even more screwed up by a maintenance failure which left it nothing more than a statue next to our house. It had become an eyesore after so many years collecting dust and brewing habitats that my mother and every other aunt who had been to our house had made at least one negative comment about it.

Nothing was done to deal with the thing for all those years for either one reason or another but finally as of several days ago, someone was interested to buy that heap of junk. He handed the cheque over and he will be towwing the thing away tomorrow so we (my father, me and my cousin who happened to be around) spent almost the whole day today trying to clean up that thing and the dust hell it had deployed on its surroundings. Once that and everything else was done, I went back to Megido till now when I’m typing this.


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