PS3 x 2233SW, the doomed marriage

June 1, 2009

I was googling 2233SW and PS3 to check for any updates on the matter I have discussed last time regarding the overscan problem for 720p games when I ran into this thread in the Lowyat forums with someone else finally noticing the same problem I have noted last time about Crystal Defenders on my 2233SW, only that they believe it is the game’s fault (which I believe isn’t true because… err… same game, same set up, same monitor, same problem… well, you do the math). Then the decisive point surfaced: people with DIFFERENT Samsung’s LCD monitor models were also experiencing the same problem! So basically this answers the question I posted last time about whether it was just my 2233SW or all the 2233SWs in the world having the same problem; they do. Not only that, ALL OTHER Samsung monitors might possibly also have the same problem.

This is a sad day for me as I now know I have spent RM600 on trouble.

While the “ALL OTHER Samsung monitors might possibly also have the problem” statement may still be open for questioning, it is still a fact that I had a problem with my 2233SW, and now others too have experienced it. So… for all those in the future who is planning to match their PS3 with an LCD monitor instead of an HDTV, don’t get a Samsung 2233SW.

I guess I really have to contact Samsung soon and see if they have any idea for a magic fix. I suppose expecting Samsung’s R&D to build me a modified 2233SW (2233SW+ maybe? lol) just to handle the 720p PS3 can’t sound any more impossible though.

Man this sucks…



  1. btui ka ni bro lcd ni masalah??awat x habaq awai aku da bli da pn……….

  2. tolong reply…………………..

  3. Yep, ada problem. Tapi kamu cuba tekan butang ‘menu’ tepi monitor kamu tu. Lepas tu pergi menu>setup>image size. Dah kat dalam ‘Image Size’ tu kamu pilih ‘Auto’. Lepas tu cuba la main mana-mana game 720p, kalau tepi-tepi tu ada dua bahagian yang hitam tu la masalahnya.

    Or if I guessed wrong what language you were using then; yes there is a problem. Try pressing the ‘menu’ button next to your monitor and then navigate to menu>setup>image size. In ‘Image Size’, select ‘Auto’ instead of ‘Wide’. Now go try playing any 720p games on the PS3 and if you find two black bars on the side then that’s the problem.

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