Kimi ga Yobu, Megido no Oka de

June 25, 2009


Finally completed this one after leaving it for a week or two. So I thought I might as well just give my overall impression of the game while I’m at it.

As an RPG, it’s simple and refreshing during the earlier portions of the game. Only problem then is the extremely high enemy encounter rate. However, that is fine during early-game as you can just escape the battle if you don’t feel like participating in them… but come past a certain part of the game and the enemy level curve will suddenly get really steep and one would start finding the enemy level up rate between dungeons increasing so much that power levelling is no longer avoidable. Not to mention that it gets much more time consuming to level up later on. There is also only a limited number of abilities the characters could learn thoughout the game but that’s still fine as the abilities are somewhat customisable with the “skill line” thing. You can perform permanent upgrades on the ability to improve certain properties like power, area of effect, etc, but of course, each upgrades are reflected on the MP/HP consumption of the said ability. One interesting thing about the “skill line” system in that for once it makes ‘maxed out attributes’ unfavourable as it render the MP/HP cost for each usage too much, making the ability extremely difficult to be used during a tight battle, not to mention upgrades are permanent so you can’t undo your mistakes if you did not save your data beforehand. So that part needed some brain activity so that’s good. Also, the graphics are ok in general. The character models look very good actually but the environment are inconsistent; some dungeons look decent while others look crude. So… great + decent + bad = ok. lol. Also, instead of being generated in real time, many special effects (like spell effects and such) are actually prerendered videos layered onto the 3D scenes so… well, those are fine too I guess.

As an eroge however it fairs pretty fine. The story is really good, actually, reeeaaally good (imo at least lol). I guess the lack of multiple endings might not hold too well with some people however. The single route storyline is still understandable though since I don’t expect them to create a multiple full path 3D RPG; that would mean a whole different set of dungeons, storyline and possible NPCs to meet for each different heroine route! That’ll almost be like several separate RPGs stuck together already lol. The single storyline had a pretty good impact with it so it’s good if you ask me.

And after completing it, I get the option to preview all the CGs from the game (and since ther is only one route available, I got all the CGs in a single playthrough, haha), replay H-scenes, and access to the bgm player. A new Devil difficulty is also unlocked in the New Game, which is basically hard difficulty where the player gets 25% extra damage from enemies and also gets to encounter one extra optional boss not present in the other difficulties.

That’s about it I guess…

Ninja Gaiden is next! One down, one to go~

I’ve also started playing Dawn of War 2 a few days ago so that might be soon as well.

P.S lol it took me exactly a month to finish Megido!


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  1. My love this <3
    althought i didn't play it. ^^;

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