A little progress

June 29, 2009

Haven’t been making any entries lately partly because I was lazy, and partly because I was too absorbed into wasting my time in whatever else I was doing to make a blog entry instead but lets put that aside. July is nearly upon us and here I feel compelled to write another entry for June before July truly arrives, for July may possibly be the most hectic month I may encounter in the immediate future, or at least the first week of July may be. This is because I have to really rush my college applications before the intake on the 10th of July. I still have a lot of things to deal with before that and I hope I can make it, lest I may have to wait till 2010 for my next chance.

Slow progress is recorded on Tenshinranman

Slow progress is recorded on Tenshinranman

Anyway, I’m progressing pretty well in Tenshinranman and I might complete it within the week or so. Just the other day, I have installed Gouen no Soliel -Chaos Region- but I will not start on it until I’m done with Tenshinranman. Through all my experience with eroge, one thing I learnt is to never play several eroges at once for I will never finish neither. I have also installed World in Conflict: Soviet Assault yesterday. I’ve played it a little and I find it a little troublesome that the new Soviet missions being intertwined between the old USA missions. I’ve completed the original World in Conflict so being forced to play all the old missions all over again was a little… unpleasant… not that the game was bad though, very much the opposite actually. I just prefer to replay a game by choice.

Also, I have partially decided on getting one certain black DSi very soon for it was not priced at the ridiculous RM1000 that every other store in the whole damn country seem to prefer charging people for. I have the just enough for this (not RM1000, definitely not), I’m just reluctant to spend them. If the cosmos allows, I’ll be a proud owner of a DSi within the week… though thinking about it logically, it doesn’t seem to likely as I would be too busy with the college thing. And who knows what my parents would say this time if I brought home yet another game console, and at this very bad timing when I’m struggling for college.


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