Hisashiburi no short day

July 2, 2009

Got off bed at 12pm and left my room at 2pm. Left for ‘breakfast’ at 2:30pm and got home again at 4pm. No, I did not spend 90 minutes on my ‘breakfast’ but 60 minutes walking around Sunway Pyramid before going home. 4pm onwards was just routine.

I did play a little Project Diva though… very little compared to how I would usually play a game.

Best excuse when losing in Project Diva: Because I'm using Yowane Haku!

"Because it's Yowane Haku"; the best excuse to use when losing

The more I play, the more familiar stuff pops up. I’m really hoping to see Kasane Teto (I blame Touko for reviving the drill spirit in me with the recent Marimite 4 >__>) in here but from a legality point of view it might very well be impossible… oh well.


One comment

  1. Wow, I can’t remember the last time I got up that late! I hope you can adjust your sleep schedule once your classes start. :p

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