Helios Eclipse Epilogue

July 8, 2009

I was walking around the mall to survey the price of an internal data card reader for my computer when I though I would just drop by the book store to see if there are any new interesting books. Several glance through the shelves and I was kind of convinced that it was the same as several days ago when I last checked so I was about to leave when I suddenly felt like using the electronic search kiosk to see if there are anything hidden that I might be interested in, oh whadaya know~



Helios Eclipse Epilogue, the final book in the looong running series and also my final connection with the local comics scene. It showed there was 40 stocks available on the screen but I can’t see any on the shelves. So I asked the customer service desk and they promptly went into the store room behind and got one out for me… It wasn’t even placed out yet lol! I haven’t looked it up online before leaving for the mall but a check a moment ago showed the official site haven’t even updated to show this new book too. Now I’m thinking maybe I got it before its planned release…

Well anyway, as for the contents, it ends the series pretty well. Several clues posed in the past are finally pulled together and explained; some I didn’t even remember until it was mentioned. But <spoilers ahead, highlight to read>I can’t help but feel that Soileh’s change of heart in the end feels kind of forced… I mean, he was bent on destroying all of existence from sheer vengence for the past 7 books. What’s Helios saving him once is going to make him turn a new leaf instantly? But other than that, the final climax was pretty cool. Also with how the story had been developing from the past volumes, it had been very likely that the series would have ended with a sad ending so the sudden plot twist in this one that resulted in a happy one was kind of interesting. I do like plot twists after all :P</spoiler> And now with this series over I have finally lost all my ties to the local comic scene… again… until Kaoru release another book that is, or if something else interesting catches my attention.




  2. I don’t know anything about Helios Eclipse, so… no comment. ^_^;

  3. I luv mineko !

    manga is great lol Helios Eclipse Epilogue

  4. i Love it so much!! i have not found helios eclipse epilogue yet but i’ve read the ending in wikipedia!! so unexpected n cool..i hope that mineko n helios will together back as before..

  5. if i’m not mistaken, there’s an english version, too, right? from zint, slaium and so on… they’re cool, man.

  6. Hello! I am a fan of the book series but have not been able to find the last book in English so pls let me know where I can buy the English version of it or where I can read it online, thank u very much!!!

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