A friend’s birthday~~

July 18, 2009

It’s a friend of mines birthday today so we had a celebration of sorts with him at the end of the day, which was basically a moment ago from now. There were initially some complications here and there at the beginning of the day due to some faulty planning and miscommunication but the plan was pulled through anyway so it’s all good in the end. Went to 1Utama for some pizza, got him a present, then we head to another friend’s house for some cake and wine, etc. Good stuff.

Also, it’s the third day I’m reading this and it’s also the day I’m done reading it! (the first book at least, now I’m onto the second)


Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai 1

It’s also probably the only novel (light novel or not, it’s still a novel~) I’ve ever finished reading since the past several years or so; pretty impressive for it to have had held my interest through all the way. Truth be said, it’s probably because the storytelling and sentence arrangement styles aren’t like the typical wall-of-text one would expect from novels, this one’s pretty simple and spread out. But then again, I’m comparing a Japanese novel with English novels here so yeah. There are many other factors to think about if an objective conclusion is to be drawn but that’s not what the entry today is supposed to be about so I’m not getting any further into that. Anyway, basically it’s about these two siblings who hates each other to their guts; the brother is a normal guy (literally normal in every sense of his being) while the younger sister is the popular and fashion conscious kind of person. Then one day after some happenings and stuff the brother finds out that his sister is secretly a hardcore otaku and a siscon in addition to that (well, sister complex if you’re not familiar with the term. The sister herself is a siscon. Try wrapping your head around that lol) along with several other things. So yeah, then things get interesting from there. It was a fun read… learned some new kanji and phrases too so that’s good.

Onto other news, some friends of mine succeeded at making me do something I really never thought I would ever have done. More like I actually wanted nothing to do with it… EVER. But it’s done now so meh. That’s peer pressure for you right there. I’m not saying what it is, I don’t want to link that place with this place. But as time goes by it wouldn’t be hard for one to find out on their own anyway if it matters enough for them to actually try to. That’s the sad part about technology…

P.S. new category omg! Well, it might come in handy since I think I’m really getting in to this thing.


One comment

  1. Happy belated birthday to your friend!

    That sounds like an interesting novel. It kind of reminds of Nogizaka Haruka. But I don’t really understand how the sister can be a siscon if she IS the sister! *totally confused*

    Peer pressure? I hope it wasn’t something too bad. ^^;

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