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July 21, 2009

If the battery in my DS didn’t die out a moment ago I would have completed Cross of Venus by now; I was so close to the final boss… but that wasn’t what I was planning to talk about in today’s entry but since that happened unexpectedly so I’m giving it a mention.

Ok, back to the point; I was browsing through Famitsu, Vector and the likes today and found some really nice news, among them are these two that stands out the most:

Senjou no Valkyria 2 (Valkyria Chronicles 2)

Yep, a sequel to that SLG+FPS that recently had an anime service. And oddly this time, they are moving from the PS3 over to the PSP (someone’s not going to be happy about this lol). It sets in Gallia 2 years after the events from the first Valkyria Chronicles, in a military academy. So this time the characters will be mostly young(?) students rather than buffed veterans like Largo in tune with the school setting. The overall gameplay will not have much of a change despite the lower resource pool of the PSP apparently. Well, I guess pictures speak better than words.

The Japanese release is slated for this Winter. Here’s the main page.

Macross Ultimate Frontier

Similar in spirit to Macross Ace Frontier from last year, this is the next Macross game that will be out some time within this year, also for the PSP. Like Macross Ace Frontier, the player can play the storyline of all the Macross timeline ever existed. New feature present are the missile alert feature where a heads-up will be shown on the HUD when an enemy missile has locked on to the player and they can then be shot down, a support character feature with the non-combatant singer characters (Sheryl, Ranka, Lynn Minmay, etc) probably granting temporary stats increase or something along that line, a new character (an operator named Pinon), and some other stuff.

Here are some pictures. Here’s the main page.


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  1. PSP?!?! *runs away crying*

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