The Art of BlazBlue

August 13, 2009
The cover for the US BlazBlue artbook

The cover for the US BlazBlue artbook

Just thought I’d share this. It’s the English version of the artbook that came with the US limited edition BlazBlue (mine’s in Korean if you remember from an earlier post). There aren’t much difference between the Korean and the American version of the book other than the US one having a page for Hakumen and V-13 respectively while the Korean one doesn’t but instead has three extra pages of random concept art stuff (some which were interesting, like the yukkuri Carl and Nirvana).

Anyway, here’s the download link. Credit goes to the original scanner and uploader, which obviously isn’t me, and I don’t know who scanned and uploaded it, so yeah.


One comment

  1. I don’t know that much about BlazBlue except what I read somewhere. It seems to be a story-oriented fighting game? The art style in that pic you posted looks nice. :)

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