More random new games ahead

August 24, 2009

Just felt like doing this…

Touhou Seirensen: Undefined Fantastic Object (PC)


It’s Touhou 12, nuff said. For those who know not about Touhou, though seriously, I don’t know how you ended up here without knowing about Touhou but here’s a wiki link for you because I’m such a kind person~ (lol). It’s already out during C76 last week.

Touhou Hisoutensoku (PC)


And this is Touhou 12.3 lol. It’s technically an ‘expansion’ for Touhou Hisouten with 5 new characters, a truck load of new spell cards, and all sorts of other goodies. Story wise, it wouldn’t take a genius to guess that it takes place after Touhou 12. It’s fun and all but I find a certain nuclear bird to be a tad overpowered compared to the other characters. But then again it’s all fine for the challenge I guess, it’s Touhou anyway. This was also out during C76 last week.

Inochi Mijikashi Tatakae! Otome ~Alice kara no Shoutaijou~ (PC)


The third installation of the moe RTS after the Tomato war or as they call it, version 3. It adds at least 2 new factions (hinted 4 but I’m not sure) to the brawl with some other things. Along with a new storyline, a new co-op mode (yay!), etc. As you may be able to guess, I have not been able to get my hands on this one yet. This was also one of the things out during C76.

Elemental Battle Academy (PC)


It’s the next project by Fly-system (the guys who did Magical Battle Arena) which’s trial edition was originally planned for release during C76 but ultimately did not happen due to some reason or another. As of now, there are barely any information about the game other than the handful of screenshots in the official development blog and whatever little disclosed in the official site. One thing for sure is it’s going to be a 3D action game. No idea when it’ll be released, definitely not anytime soon.

Soul Saber 2 (PC)


The trial will be released to the public as freeware later this month! From the way it seems, the gameplay very much resembles their previous game, Combat Kinryu vs Xentex DX9. This will be good.

God Eater (PSP)

Looks good. I like the general theme too, kind of reminds me of the original reason why I first got hook to Nanoha. Look says it plays like Monster Hunter but who knows, we might be surprised when it’s released.

Undead Knights (PSP)

This one’s epic. You play as one of the three vengeful survivors of a massacre exacting your revenge by turning the enemies into your army of zombies! Then you can order them to do all sorts of fun stuff like ganging up on enemies, overrunning fortresses, bringing down towers, become a throwing object, etc. Total zombie carnage except you’re on the zombie’s side, you can’t go wrong with that!

Antiphona no Seikahime ~Tenshi no Gakufu Op A~ (PSP)

Another RPG by Nipponichi. This one is themed heavily on music. Your aim is to make up a ensemble of different musicians and ultimately hold some MTV stuff, so one can expect lots of singing in here. Being an RPG and all, it’ll have battles, of course, and it looks very much like the kind you’d find in one of those Atelier RPGs. In a nutshell; Atelier + Ar Tonelico + Eternal Sonata = Antiphona.

Higurashi Daybreak Portable Mega Edition (PSP)


It’s yet another expansion to Tasogare Frontier’s ex-doujin game Higurashi Daybreak. This time with three new characters (Satoshi, loli Miyo and Okonogi), all sorts of new equipments for all the other characters, new storyline for the new characters and some stat balancing; things one would expect from an expansion. I just hope they are genuinely new material rather than just skin swap like most of the new weapons in the previous Higurashi Daybreak Portable. On another note about that, I wonder if Tasogare Frontier is even still involved with Daybreak anymore… I wonder if any of these updates would get an equivalent update on the PC version of Daybreak… probably not, just like how Melty Blood never got one.

Sengoku Basara 3 (PS3)

IT’S FREAKING BASARA 3!!! Only two new characters were revealed, and it is hinted that those two might be the only new characters this time around, which I hope is not true… =__= And as one would expect, an update from the PS2 to the PS3 would also automatically demands an expectation for far better graphics, and true enough the graphics are appropriately improved to accommodate with the new generation console. It’ll also be released for the Wii, no idea what’s up with that. Maybe you can do all the crazy acrobatic moves yourself or wield 3 Wiimotes on each hand while playing as Date Masamune lol. War Dance baby! It’ll be out in 2010.



  1. I haven’t heard of any of those games before. ^^; I mean I know Touhou but I don’t keep track of the games in that series. Oh, I have heard of Basara 3 but only because Fanin told me about it. :p

  2. I don’t think that nuclear bird is that overpowered in hisoutenku… but I’d say that drunk loli oni is still more overpowered in the game her normal hits are even stronger than others still… that’s expected from her and that armpit miko had her spell card upgraded to 14k damage… not easy to cast though…

    and lol at tomato wars XD

    was excited about EBA ^_^ hope its even better than MBA I got addicted to MBA when I played it XD

  3. EBA sure got delayed a lot huh, makes one wonder when it’ll ever see the light of day.

    And tomato wars were awesome! It’s just a pity how it never got much attention.

    lol, well… I just find how nuclear bird could easily win most matches by just spamming the basic huge ass nuclear ball thing. That plus the Artificial Underground Sun card with its variable card cost is quite scary when used properly. That’s how I felt anyway lol

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