History and prophecy

September 15, 2009

It’s been 15 days since the last time I’ve posted an update here eh. Same reason as all the other times I’ve randomly disappeared; due to laziness and/or because I just had nothing to talk about. Well, I’m lazy when I do have something to talk about and I’ve nothing to talk about when I felt like posting something, those kind of circumstances. Not to mention that we’ve already gotten a whole bunch of assignments within only three weeks into college. Anyway, since I’m also quite lazy now so I’ll just list out everything of interest that has happened between now and the 1st of September.

  • Went back to Ipoh
  • Helped my cousin to decide on a new pseudo-DSLR (lol) camera for his wedding
  • Finally cleared off Avalon Code in Ipoh.
  • Started Tales of Hearts right after that as the next game to be occupied with on the NDSi.
  • College started.
  • Got a timetable with two days with 4 hours break between classes, wtf
  • Got sick after only two days of college (some weird unknown stomach problem. The cause was never found).
  • Got better in a week or so but probably not completely, I still feel a little uncomfortable at times even now.
  • Got lots of assignments.
  • Went to watch Gamers with the usual group of friends (I’d review on this if it was in its own entry but oh well).
  • Actually started playing Armored Core: For Answer.
  • Never made any progress in Armored Core: For Answer ever since (heck I haven’t even turned on the PS3 ever since).
  • Went to FTZ with the usual group of friends during one of those 4 hours break.
  • Japanese class resumed after a looooong break… and the exam is just right around the corner… >__>
  • Finally got my hands on Touhou Violin Rock!!! That shit is freaking awesome!!!
  • Cleared two endings in Mystical Chain.
  • Almost cleared Scarlet Symphony, until my friend went and screwed up the save data. Now I have to bloody start all over again… bitch. It’s not the easiest game in the world too for crying out loud.

And these are stuff that should be happening very soon

  • My cousin getting married back in Ipoh so I’ll be heading back there for the coming weekend.
  • My friend will be heading back to the USA this Sunday. Won’t be seeing him in person again for another several years.
  • I’d try to get my PS2 back from him before he leaves so chances are I’ll be heading to his place this Thursday or Friday.
  • I’d be busy with the assignments so until I’m done, there probably won’t be any entries, well maybe.
  • Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a week away~ week long holiday w00t! Not that it’s anything special though since I was NEETing until recently.
  • Some other stuff.

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