Atelier Lina

September 18, 2009


Just two months after Atelier Rorona was released and now we already have news on the next Atelier title, Atelier Lina for the Nintendo DS! Its official website opened today. Atelier Lina will be the third Atelier title to be released on the Nintendo DS following Atelier Annie and Atelier Lise. This time I am able to jump on the anticipation bandwagon as I now own a DSi unlike last time when that other two was released, it was all just orz in those days. Atelier Lina will be released on the 22nd of December this year.

On another note, I’ll be away for the weekend to attend a cousin’s wedding so there will be no entries then… though there probably won’t be any even if I were around judging from the frequency of my update nowadays lol.



  1. nice but when they gonna have an English translation for rorona =_____=

  2. lol judging by NIS’ track record it should be out in a year. That is assuming they didn’t judge that it wouldn’t sell well in the USA because it’s a PS3 exclusive and decides not to release it at all lol

  3. hope NIS got out budget to make the english voice acting for this one.

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