Approaching freedom and despair

October 23, 2009

lol forgot to publish this earlier, meh whatever.

So last Thursday was the final presentation for one of my subjects this semester and next Friday would be the final exam for another subject of mine. Coming up after that would be my year end semester break which I plan to fill with some part-time job or something as I really need some moolah right now. Due mainly to my desire for a Nintendo Wii and a HP TouchSmart TX2Z tablet PC. The tablet PC was a result of a semi-whimsical web search I did several days ago lol.

I’ve been thinking about getting a laptop ever since I went to my current college as everything here from notes to reservations are done with a computer. On a separate case, I have also been thinking about getting a touch pad for design drafts and actual drawings since I was still doing design back in my previous college, additionally I’ve been having a preference of being able look at my hand work directly at what I’m drawing rather than look away so I really actually didn’t like the idea of a USB touch pad too much. So the answer is a tablet PC~ only that they cost at least about RM5000 here. That’s 5 PS3 if you want to compare by value. Then I ran into this ridiculously good offer by HP that sells a TX2Z for 900USD! That’s only about RM3000! Down by 2 bloody PS3s! (I don’t know if it’s that much of a bargain for people actually living in the US but blah, forex is an ass so for the foreigner me it’s the mother lode) The offer is only available in the US but I spoke with a friend of mine currently in the USA and he agreed to help (if I send the money to him prior) so accessibility is covered. Only problem now is that I don’t have any money orz. Not to mention that since it’s an offer it’ll inevitable end eventually; not knowing when is also another source for pressure. Hence the determination to work~

Oh, then there is the Wii to… aaaaaarrrrgggghhh!!! >______>


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  1. I wonder how a tablet PC compares to a Wacom Cintiq. I think that’s the tablet with a screen on it. Someone asked me about a tablet PC once and I said I didn’t know much about it or how it compares, and if it’s good for drawing or not.

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