Ryouiki Zero and MBA Complete Form

November 6, 2009

So as of the 27th of October (yeah, last week) Fly Systems has transferred development works for Magical Battle Arena to a new circle called Ryouiki Zero. Whether this new circle is a direct subsidiary to Fly-Systems, a totally different group, or Fly-Systems themselves disguised under another name is not known. It sure does seem to have close affiliations to Souwer Cherry and Pandadanpa though; both are close partners with Fly-Systems. In that light, guess says Ryouiki Zero at the very least aren’t strangers to Fly-Systems.

Along with the transfer, news for the next major release of Magical Battle Arena were also spilled, named Magical Battle Arena Complete Form. This one sounds more like a bundled release of Magical Battle Arena with Lyrical Pack along with all the patches and the 5 extra download characters included rather than being a major expansion release, but alas it wasn’t without any updates at all. It is revealed that Complete Form will include one new character; StrikerS Fate. Aside from that, it also includes several new moves for the returning characters and uses a new network system for its multiplayer mode. No further words about whether the character list is finalized or would there be more new characters to expect other then the non-loli Fate.

Here are some images of the grown Fate T. Harlaown in MBA Complete Form.

Magical Battle Arena Complete Form is scheduled for this coming Winter Comiket in December.



  1. hola quisiera saber donde consigo queste juego ya e yegado a la expancion lyrical pack y me emociono este quisiera saber si sabe donde lo puedo descargar

  2. I might have mentioned this before, I never did play that game (the original). I downloaded it but never got around to playing it. After a while I just uninstalled it since it was taking up room on my hard drive. ^^;

  3. I actually do hope they would put Signum and Shamal well Negi, Chrono, Yuuno and Zafira would be nice too but guess they’re not gonna put guys eh except for the old man and oh I just got a copy of this last week now enjoying Fate^^

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