Sugar Addict – Satou no Yuuwaku

December 14, 2009

Found out recently that Kaoru (responsible for Helios Eclipse and tonnes of love themed comics) was coming out with an artbook next, titled Sugar Addict – Satou no Yuuwaku.

To be honest, I never have been too fancy about buying artbooks causing from their lack of practical usage short from artistic appreciation, not to mention them usually being quite expensive, but this here is one by Kaoru, the one of a handful of artists that I can say I am truly a fan of. Coupled also by the cover art that strikingly resembles Mao from Kimikiss, it’s quite difficult to resist really. However, it prices from RM36.90 for 96 pages of illustrations and I have yet to see or hold a physical copy before so I’ll reserve from making any solid decisions for now.

P.S. first post in over a month~~ woohoooo! hahaha


One comment

  1. I’ve never heard of Kaoru and I’ve never seen Kimikiss, so I guess it’s a money vs. pleasure decision, which need outweighs the other?

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