Something to celebrate, kind of…

July 12, 2010

Finally managed to get Share working on my PC after almost 5 years. Alright, one entry down the drain.

P.S. a bit late on this but I’d say it’s to be expected by now, never thought I’d see the day when Mitsudo Moe actually make any real english headlines. Got to give it to the power of anime.



  1. I heard of that, its something like Bit Torrent right? Except that it gives more privacy in terms of identity and that its made in japan or something, the latter being more important? (lol)

    I watched MitsudoMoe as per your recommendation, my site labeled it as epi 1 by accident, so what I actually streamed was epi 2 and I was rewarded by urine scenarios by the sensei in charge of the ‘samples’… I’m unsure to continue watching or not, its comedy but its abit too ‘swt’ for me maybe @@

  2. lol more privacy? Read this.

    Nothing to do with Japan or any place. There are no almighty p2ps, some are good for certain things, others are good for something else. Different guns for different occasions.

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