Arcana Heart 3

August 7, 2010

Arcana Heart 3 came into the arcades in Japan late last year and as was the pattern with the last two Arcana Hearts, I was expecting another speedy port to a home console. However, instead of the PS2 as was for the last two games, they now decide to jump onto the next gen bandwagon and put it on the 360 and PS3. From a business and market presence point of view this move is pretty justified but I have to point out, aside from the addition of 3 new characters and the usual re-balancing and new move lists, there really aren’t much changes to the game; and especially notable since it’s moving onto the new gen consoles, no graphical changes too. Not a very efficient use of technology now is it… ok well maybe they could put it on its arcade native 768p now but hey, I guess deep down I was hoping it stayed on the PS2.



  1. The game’s name sounds like it should have been a good RPG game alot for some reason to me lol, but since you mentioned arcades – guess its a versus game or something similar.
    I saw this somewhere before, can’t really recall wher… the only reason i vaguely remember this, cos the one i saw had a funny title: sugoi arcana something, lol

    • lol RPG

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