Nico convolution 1(?)

August 11, 2010

I am and have spent much of my time in Nico Nico Douga these days. That place be addictive.

Here are some of the fun music/not music videos I’ve managed to run into over there the past half a year or so when I did not post anything in here, had to upload some myself on to Youtube as Nico doesn’t allow external embeddings. Also, 1 in the post title because I might have left something out, I can’t remember for sure. Crediting is done just for the sake of it so it’s not really complete; for example, in most cases ‘by’ is the person who sang/arranged the song, but some other times it’s the name of the person who made the video, whichever I happen to recall off the top of my head. In some instances, the one who sang the song and made the video is the same person. I suddenly got hardworking! ha ha ha

This probably be common sense but I suggest against loading all of them at once, unless your machine can take it. Alas, I guess most modern machine can anyway, oh well, forget what I said here.

Video by: Akiakane & yama-ko
Song by: Akiakane
Song title: Rollingirl


Video by: Ranko no Ane (Butaotome)
Song by: Ranko (Butaotome)
Song title: Machibito ga Kozu


Video by: impulse
BGM by: Lyude


Video by: Momiji Brush Toukoukai
BGM by: Shiro Tokage


Video by: akka & mirto
Song by: Deco*27
Song title: Mosaic Roll


Video by: Touhou Kinemakan
Song by: Kishida Kyoudan & The Myoujou Rockets
Song title: YU-MU


Video by: Hachi
Song by: Nigaihito
Song title: Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro


Video by: JET
Song by: aRth
Song title: secret


Video by: Piroshiki+
Song by: Kyouken
Song title: Yukkuri shiteitte ne!!!


Video & song by: M;S
Song title: only my railgun HardRock ver.


Mix & video by: mari#
Song by: [Ren], Anima, ichiko, Taiyaki-ya, LOLI.COM
Song title: World’s End Dancehall


Mix & video by: ururun
Song by: Kanoke, □Shirokuro■, Ragi, Shitamichi, Vanilla Totoro, Taicho, A24, Yuu, Yuzusuke, Taiyaki-ya, 31, MameTeria, coringo, Akiakane, Reji, Pikachi, eCha
Song title: Uraomote Lovers


ugh, tagging hell ensue. Though I’ve done worse, I suppose I’ll just leave them out then. Indeed, the credits are an epic mess (especially the romanization) so take it with a pinch of salt.


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