@r_tonelico medley series

August 13, 2010

Surfacing on Nico recently, it’s a medley series of various Hymmnos from the entire Ar Tonelico trilogy, with representative or in-game scenes relevant to each of the Hymmnos reenacted by the casts of Idolm@ster. Very impressive stuff considering the movement and direct customization limitations of Idolm@ster, maybe MMD is used, impressive nonetheless. Also, Ar Tonelico 1 and 2 in 3D is an ecstatic idea. Dear Gust, make it happen. While you’re at it, make a 2D version of Ar Tonelico 3 too.

@r_tonelico medley 1 – Ar Tonelico 1

@r_tonelico medley 2 – Ar Tonelico 2

@r_tonelico medley 3 – Ar Tonelico 3

@r_tonelico medley grand finale



  1. Notice how we’re the only ones who are pawning the ‘recent comments’ tab? rofl :/

  2. Because this place has been in such super long hiatus for so damn many times already, whatever left of the tiny readership would have already been long gone by now. Also, don’t link me irl to this site.

  3. That’s why i was promoting it as a sponsor, haha.
    You mean you don’t want ppl to noe that this is your site? Why not :(

  4. you need to lurk moar, you lack that

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