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November 8, 2010

That title sounds like one I may have used before, meh nevermind that.

Today I will waste another few hours chronicling my gaming life of recent. I’ll start with the most tragic, or the one that’s freshest on the top of my mind, or something.


So, my PSP’s ↓ digital button died once upon a time, right around the period when I was playing Valkyria Chronicle 2. One thing led to another and it died for good, sent it to some workshop and that was the last time I’ve heard of it. Also, ‘once upon a time’ was not exaggerated. Now I’m seeing lots of interesting things coming out on the PSP damn it, Valkyria Chronicle 3, Last Ranker, Shining Hearts, Lord of Arcana; in addition to those that were out between now and the time my PSP broke such as Peace Walker, Narikiri Dungeon X, Disgaea Infinity, Knights in the Nightmare and God Eater, argh! I wouldn’t feel as bad if I never had a PSP to begin with…


The right shoulder button for this is also faulty now @#$%! Been playing on the DS a lot until recently, last game I was playing when I suddenly stopped were Pokemon Diamond. I’ll resume again some day when I feel like getting some bunch of critters into killing each other. Animal cruelty at its best lul. Also, Megaman Legend 3 exclusive to the 3DS omfg! That’s the most painful jab to the guts ever, as it is one of the most wished for sequels of mine ever along with other titles like Radiata Story and Dewprism that should but never got any sequels.


I have also been hitting up PS1 games too, albeit in emulators and in the PS2 instead of the actual console, mine’s tuck deep in some unreachable place anyway. I remember firing up Puyo Puyo 4, Front Mission 3, Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil Gun Survivor. But the last one I was really into was Black Matrix 00. That too went into a hiatus again right now, was pretty close to the end too. haha


This golden machine spiritually went out of commission as well when my television set in my room physically went out of commission. That was until I got a TV tuner card for my PC not too long ago when I got to play all those awesome PS2 games again! Immediately I started up all my old favourites like Black, Burnout Revenge and Pop n’ Music just to satisfy my urge to play them. In an attempt to clear up all the millions of games I never got to ever finish, I briefly concentrated on Wild Arms 4 but I stopped half way through and now that’s in a hiatus too. That was a few months ago, that’s the last time I touched my PS2.


Tried to catch up on all the PC games that I have never played for the past few years. Could barely play Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 was going at 1fps on lowest everything! Epic. Currently I’m not playing anything much on the PC, except for a tower defense game by the name of Defense Grid. Might get into Star Wars The Force Unleash 2 soon, that series is good.


This black thing was a furniture collecting dust under my desk during that period of time when I played the DS a lot that I mentioned above. That was until I bought Dark Mist and Starstrike HD from PSN; two very challenging, repetitive, and addictive game; that kind of game along the lines of Tetris and Metal Slug, you know. Then I borrowed Armored Core For Answer and bought GTA4 from my friend. Completed For Answer twice and have been replaying GTA4 since then. In the market, there are also a whole bunch of games I am eyeing. Atelier Rorona and Basara 3 got localized into English recently, while language aren’t a problem for me, this is welcomed since it’s a lot less expensive price wise. However, I’ve heard that Basara 3 has an unchangeable English dub, which will suck epic big time for me because I’ve been playing all the other Basaras all along and they were all in Japanese, English in 3 would just spoil the entire experience for me as a returning player so I’m seeking the Japanese one for this, damn I should have just gotten it last time without waiting for the English if I knew. Rorona’s fine though save for the bizarre attempt to mitigate loliphobia idiots with the young characters’ age selectively increased by 3 years, I just hope the translation are done correctly and no weird censorship were put in beside the age increase, the game are infamous for its innuendos after all. Aside from that, I’m also quite interested in BlazBlue Continuum Shift. And then there is Little Big Planet 2 in a few weeks and  Tales of Graces F in the near future. I also probably will be getting a copy of Tales of Vesperia when I’m in Japan this December.

For now, I am still playing GTA4 but I’m very close to the end, like 2 or 3 missions left kind of close. Next I’ll either start on the God of War Collection – God of War 3 marathon or go buy Rorona + Basara 3. Till then, I’ll be with GTA4.



  1. Was Tales of Hearts good? I heard there’s another one after vesperia, Tales of Faith(?) or something, for the PS3 as well I think; what about that

  2. Tales of Hearts is good but the story is kind of cheesy. The one after Vesperia is Graces, and the PS3 edition is Graces F

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