November 17, 2010

Fuck Vesperia and Basara3! I’ll just get Graces F when I’m in Japan!

It’s going to be released on the 2nd of December anyway, 4 days prior to my arrival there. I just hope there are still some stock left or the remainder haven’t had their price flung to the heavens because of high demand low supply or some bullshit like that, the people there are crazy with these things. I haven’t kept up with the consumer scene but I hope BandaiNamco’s screwing with their fans nowadays have dwindled some of the crowd for me to get a copy. HAHA!

P.S. what I said in the last post came true, I’ve started Rorona. Damn



  1. lol, yeah that’s why I was asking previously; was thinking maybe you would like to get the most recent tales game on PS3 instead (Graces F instead of Vesperia)

  2. like I give a shit about “recent”. It just happens to not be as easily accessible from over here compared to Vesperia at this point of time. The first batch even has some blasted awesome goodies. Meh, if I happen to have enough money I’ll get both at the same time even. Besides, everything from there is cheapest gotten yourself from there as you don’t have to pay for some gajillion different middleman plus tax and other bullshitology. Screw the world damn it!

  3. I think I would, later games ‘normally’ have more upgrades; more so if vesperia was the first one on the ps3 (is it?). Yea that’s true, I’ve seen Vesperia in the stores here before; haha I guess your cous won’t be sponsoring those games, you know – we really ought to be studying lol

  4. oh yea let’s go and drink or something before you go off in Dec, staying at my cous’ place atm for some ceremonial thing; brought my books but haven’t touch :|

  5. I may think like that if the game is called Tales of Version12.58c build3001 Dec2010 Edition but no. It’s not like Vesperia and Graces are just one game with upgrades just tacked onto it. Namco already know their stuff so the first on PS3 thing doesn’t matter, it’s not their first on the 7th generation consoles anyway if that’s what you are curious about. And screw the exams!

  6. /Bets that today would be Rorona day for him

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