I don’t know what to call this

November 24, 2010

For the whole past two days I have been putting off doing preparations and revision for the law exam I will be sitting for tomorrow evening. It’s not really a very hard feat to do actually, I have all the materials in place (kind of), it’s just a matter of putting them together and sitting down to burn them into my mind. However, somehow I just manages to find one reason or another to no do that and do whatever else there is to do… like deliberately taking lunch outside so I could waste time walking out and back and stuff for example. I seem to be unconsciously doing this, and right now at the night before that exam, I’m stuck in front of my computer trying to do it but YET I’m typing this blog entry instead, haha. oh well

From the way things are, I’m going to make an early bet and say I’m probably going to be the only one in my class who did not get an A for this law exam tomorrow. That’s the standard I’m up against I guess… OTL


and again, also these, stuff that has been also contributing to my non-preparation lol

heck, I even managed to manually optimize the youtube player resolution to fit the maximum allowable size in the entry space before being cropped, for 4:3 aspect ratio videos anyway. I never bothered before btw, hence I also do not have anything to refer to. Damn, what did I say about finding things to distract myself from actually revising lol


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