November 25, 2010

Several days ago, I had a dream that I was at the exam hall taking my law exams. It was going pretty good and right when I was about almost done, I woke up from it. Sure felt royally depressed that it was just a dream and I was still several days BEFORE the exams, not to mention that I haven’t even prepared for it yet. Today, right now, after I have sat for my law exam, I got another reason to be sad that the dream wasn’t real. Mostly because I didn’t do “pretty good”.

And then I went to a late night movie and watched Skyline. I was aware of the generally negative reviews but oh what the heck. Indeed, the overall story was pretty generic disaster movie with aliens. During near the ending when I thought it was about to go to one of those ultra rare non-happy ending path, it just turned surreal and silly the next moment. Also, it did not provide much purpose or conclusive outcome throughout the show, just… things happening and people dies. At least the alien designs were nice.

And this

lol, I’m getting back the old habit of throwing in random videos at the end of an entry. Not that it’s a bad thing.


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