Haiyore! Nyarko-san

November 27, 2010

Another series that have been lying around for ages, just like a lot of my other stuffs, but only picked it up today. Oreimo? well, that will have to wait lol

Bow before the presence of the Outer God

I can’t recall if I ever mention it here before but I’m actually a huge fan of H.P.Lovecraft. Which was one of the main reasons why this series was brought to my attention in the first place, well, before I put it aside because I didn’t have time to read it anyway. The Cthulhu Mythos has been used for reference material quite a lot these days for games, books, mangas and all sorts of stuffs (especially games by Nitroplus and Blackcyc), so here we have a light novel about a moefied Nyarlathotep.

To put the story in a nutshell; the main character, Yasaka Mahiro, got attacked(chased?) by some very Lovecraft looking creature in a dystopian scene reminiscence of the Cthulhu Mythos, only to be saved by Nyarlathotep who appeared in the form of a young girl. Later, she explains that she is an alien, Nyarlathotep actually being the name of her species, and an agent of the Planetary Protection Organization. Further more, Mahiro is being targeted by some other aliens for human trafficking for some unknown reason and protecting him is one of the many reasons she descended on earth. Well, that’s the first part of the novel, which should explain what the core of the story would be. I’m hearing that there would be proper connections with H.P.Lovecraft later on in the story, what something about Lovecraft actually being an acquaintance with one of the Nyarlathoteps and got inspiration for his stories from them lol.

A brief check a moment ago says it’s getting an anime and it will be airing starting the next few weeks. LOL seriously? I know it has an ONA thing from the limited edition novels but TV anime? Further reading says it’ll be a 5 minute episode kind of anime, not unlike the existing ONA. Being 5 minutes and running for 12 episodes, I don’t know if they will be following the novels or will they just do random things like in the ONA, or will it be a continuation of the ONA.

So how far have I read? To put it in measurable sense, I’m about nearing the credits for the first anime episode, maybe.


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