December 4, 2010

I am not going to sugarcoat this. It’s impressive how invasive some people can be and how happily they would hijack one’s freedom to decide what they want to do. A good example is with my current trip to Japan. It is MY trip, NOT THEIRS, yet they are so bloody noisy about preparing early, and being aware of bullshits or what not. Sure, they may have perfectly decent intentions at heart but sorry, the target, me, aren’t very comfortable and definitely this isn’t making the trip prospectively any more enjoyable. These ‘noise’ has been so pervasive, they have interfered with my studies for my finals (not that I actually ended up studying anyway), months before this trip is even vaguely in sight. Everyday they try to approach me with their airport horror stories of doom as if there’s a 256% chance that it’ll happen to every gajillion people who commute internationally on a daily basis. Heck, they are even comparing some backwater country filled with crime, corruption, inhumanity and literally being the epitome of  human arrogance (I’m not stating where. If you made an assumption, I am saying that is not the place), with a civilized country(well, kind of, but definitely much more so in comparison). Why not expect my plane to collide with a flying mechanical prawn shark from Jupiter and explode into a glorious rainbow as well? There’s an equal chance for that to happen too aren’t there? Morons. Sure, I’m not denying that shit happens but at this point, it sounds more like discouragement than advice if you ask me. There are other bovine turds as well but this post was started and driven purely by my anger and that’s pretty much dissipated by now so I don’t even feel like wasting anymore time on this shit so it shall end here.


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