Japan trip 2010

December 11, 2010

As of today, the 11th of December 2010, I have returned from my five days trip to Tokyo, Japan. Well, actually this post was composed much much much later after I have managed to get myself together, returning what I borrowed for the trip, rearranged my loots, etc, but matter they may not, I’m finally typing this just for the sake of it (probably for my own nostalgia in the future lol). So yeah, I’ll just log the whole thing simply, I don’t have any reference material with me and I’m too lazy to get off my ass to reach for them right now so some stuff I can’t remember for sure I’ll just guess on them.

5th December

The day of departure, the day I made most of my last half of packing since I only started packing the day previously. Went down to KLCC that afternoon to pickup Mirai Nikki 9 and 10 as well as cancel whatever else I have order, since I could get them cheaper directly in Japan anyway. Went for dinner that evening and headed straight to the international airport after that at 8pm. The flight took off at 10:45pm, if I recall correctly. The flight was supposed to be over the night and we were supposed to be asleep onboard but with a mixture of bad sitting posture, Asahi, and watching the entire length of the Letters from Iwojima on the private screen on my seat, I did not take a wink of sleep that entire night/flight.

6th December

Having spent 7 hours with a bad sitting posture and no sleep, I was both tired and having an ultra sore left pelvis, not to mention my injured spine from some heavy stuff back at home the previous week, so yeah pain. Looked around the awesomely Japanese atmosphere in the Narita airport a little with my cousins and spent the first moments there trying to secure our place to sleep. Then we took our time to actually locate that place in Ikebukuro, which we eventually did and then we spent (wasted) the next half of the day sleeping, because I haven’t. Later, we walked around our area (Ikebukuro) more. Area familiarity up!

7th December

Today we went to Nakano. I have done some research at the guest house the previous night so I knew exactly how to get there, kind of. Got there, spent the entire day there. Was in Nakano Broadway the entire day. In there was a whole bunch of Mandarake chainstore, shit was awesome and this was were I got a large portion of everything I eventually came home with. Also, noticed the days were very much shorter over at this part of the world; sun’s up around 7am, sun’s down around 3pm. That night, we further explored Ikebukuro and ventured towards the eastern side of town (we already covered the west) that night, also visited the Ikebukuro branch of Tora no Ana, awesome shit.

8th December

3rd day there. Had two destinations planned for the day, first was Asakusa. The trip to Asakusa was mostly just a trip to the Raimon and the temple to which it leads to. It was the most ‘tourist attraction’-esque we ultimately went throughout the entire trip as that was the only place where we can hear more foreign languages than Japanese in the random pedestrian chatter than lol. Got all my souvenirs here. It was also an open area so there was some really cold winds blowing all over, this will ultimately be the cause of my health downfall in the following days. Next stop was Akihabara, this is where I got the second largest portion of my own goods to be taken back home. We never got to cover the entire of that infamous district, only a quarter of it at best. Mainly because we only went there at 12 and the sun goes down at 3. Of the notable place we dropped by was Gamers, Kotobukiya, Sega GiGo, Sega Club, Traders and the main branch of Tora no Ana. Awesome stuff.

9th December

Planned for Shinjuku and Shibuya today. First was Shinjuku, we never really had any idea what to do or to see in Shinjuku beside actually going there so we just loitered around. Ran into the Kinokuniya branch there eventually and we spent most of our time around that place, got my last large batch of stuff here. Next we went to Shibuya, visited the Hachiko monument thing and the 109 mall next. We started feeling the effects of the cold wind from the previous day and we decided to return back to our place in Ikebukuro to rest earlier that day, way earlier.

10th December

Today was Tokyo day, Tokyo in Tokyo, yeah. First we went to the Tokyo Tower, didn’t really went up it though, just walked up to it and snapped some pictures. Next we headed to the Tokyo station, my cousins had some stuff to look for in there so we went there, and searching we did but finding we didn’t. We had a whole bunch of extra time and money after that and being the day before we left, we needed to waste them and we went back to Nakano. Wasted I did, got the last piece of the stuff I brought back. That night we planned to eat luxuriously but I couldn’t find anything to fit the bill so we just ate whatever we could find.

11th December

Flew home today, another 7 hours or bad posture, arrived home with another bad left pelvis. The last one actually got better throughout the 5 days of walking too. Watched the Sorcerer’s Apprentice on the plane this time. This time it was a day flight so there was no worries with lack of sleep.

Stuff I got

This trip got me royally injured and sucked me dry financially. I’m hearing plans of going to Japan again same time next year from two separate parties. This is the kind of thing they call bitter sweet.


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