Post-entertainment cleanup

December 20, 2010

So it’s been a week since my trip to Japan, so I decided to take a weekend out of my remaining holidays to head back to my home town to return all the winter clothing and stuff I borrowed for the trip as well as distribute the souvenirs and gratitude and greetings around, since I feel that it’s only appropriate to do it in person rather than delegate someone to send them back for me. So yeah, a weekend was spent back there. Expecting it to be a single night trip, one day there, next day back, I only brought the most minimal amount of luggage with me, enough to last a night. and only one source of entertainment, Nyarlko lol. Some stuff happened and it actually was a day longer than I expected, good thing I had ONE extra piece of clothing with me so I had just enough to be around for ONE more day.


I also finally managed to finish the first book, taking as long as a week short of a month. I actually read the last half of it within this weekend itself, so if I actually put myself into it I could actually finish a book within a week I think. Even with the current standing 3 week record, there was a week pause when I was in Japan so I actually only took about 2 weeks to finish this one, that’s not too bad. I’ll be starting on the second very soon, it’s still in its plastic wrapping right now lol. I love this shit, hope it doesn’t get stalled for ages like Oreimo did.


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