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January 7, 2011

So it appears that college aren’t starting until the mid of January for me, and suddenly I am more willing to use my remaining holidays for something other than nothing now that I know exactly when it ends, kind of.


Anyway, I am finally done with the second volume of Haiyore Nyarko-san. Look at the difference how long it took me when I have access to entertainments other than reading as compared to when I only have reading when I was at my hometown before lol. Not only that, I have started playing Tales of Vesperia since after I was done with Nier Replicant the other time and from what I could observe I’m also progressing very slowly on that. What I could do with games in the past was something like starting FF7 and playing all the way to Gold Saucer on the same day; now I could barely get through a single town or dungeon without getting my eyes tired. I’m not getting old I tell you! Garh!

Oh well, on to the third Nyarko~ two down four to go. And thus Oreimo gets pushed further into the future, har har.


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