Like old times

January 17, 2011

lol just like blogging, ordering books from Japan was also an activity that I have kind of abandoned until recently, a few months ago  kind of recently. I’ve mention about several recent trips down to the city to collect these books in some of the recent previous entries as well I suppose, those were after I resumed ordering books. It’s been quite a long while since I made a post about these this trips by themselves that I cant even remember if I had any tags for them lol, oh whatever.

I’ve mentioned that was injured from the trip to Japan last time, I still am. So it’s been better and worse from time to time and it was actually pretty good this morning. It actually doesn’t hurt to walk faster than crawling speed for once lol. Spoiled by this I actually spent the whole day out and walked/ran/jumped, things people in my situation shouldn’t be doing. I’ll say this early, I’ll definitely regret this tomorrow lol.

So this time I went and got myself these, a mixture of stuff I forgot to buy while in Japan and some stuff that I just felt like getting, yeah. They are:

  • Puchihound 5
  • Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha MOVIE 1st THE COMICS
  • D-frag! 1
  • D-frag! 2
  • D-frag! 3

Haven’t open even  half of those lol, several of them still have the plastic wrapping on. That’s about it I guess, yeah.


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