Some stuff and Nyarlko 3

January 23, 2011

I see I have not done much reviewing of stuff these days, once upon a time I would review movies the day I watch them and sometimes I’d write long ass wall of texts about games I’m crazy about at that moment, even further back in forgotten history I’ve once used to write reviews of each and every episode of all the anime series I’m watching as they are aired each week but that was something I’ve completely given up on long ago so meh. I’ve been to the cinema some billion times in last December alone but I’ve not reviewed on anything. I guess I’m not really obligated to anyway. I guess ‘blog it’ disappeared from my vocabulary for too long that it doesn’t cross my mind then lol. I guess I may get back to that the next time I go to the cinema, for the original purpose of this blog’s sake. On top of that, there are some interesting games that came around during Comiket 79 so I might type up something on that too, maybe. Besides that, it has came to my attention that NISA is releasing Hyper Dimension Neptune (called Neptunia in English for whatever reason) soon. I’m placing a pre-order since the premium goodies look awesome.


Also, I’m done reading volume 3 of Nyarko today. I could have finished it yesterday but lots of random stuff got in the way, heh. I suppose I should say something else other than just declaring I’m done reading the book lol, maybe a review perhaps. I’ll just be brief and general; it’s a fun ride if you know about Lovecraft and could identify which part of it they are actually poking fun with in the joke, but the pattern do get quite tired out by the third volume. However, a sudden serious twist was put in near the end of the third book undermining the previous (semi) lighthearted tone of the series, giving the plot a slight sense of danger and more depth. Intriguing stuff.


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