February 19, 2011

Done with volume 5 of Haiyore Nyarko today. This one felt exceptionally long, I actually read over half the entire book within a few days into the Lunar New Year but dragged on the later half because I was absurdly ill towards the end of the new year (another thing I never blogged about, but yeah, I was royally ill not too long ago). So ill I actually wasn’t able to concentrate on things, much less read. Anyway, as for the book itself, the fifth one was kind of meh. I can’t really put a finger on why, on one side has more fight scenes within a single book than any of the four novels had, on another hand it feels kind of… dragged? Maybe it’s just my long break in between reading or maybe it’s the very unenjoyable health situation I was in when I was reading the middle part of it ruining it for me, idk.

Nyarlathotep the Crawling Chaos and Cthugha

So now I have read up all five Nyarko novels I got from Japan. The sixth have been out for a while but that’s the only book around that I haven’t got right now. Since I only order 3 to 4 books at once, I’ll have to wait till March when many stuff would be released. Yes, many stuff.


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