Rekindled interest?

February 22, 2011

My activity with this site these days has declined to mostly lurking in the site stats page more then anything else. Well, it’s a good way to learn about the latest trend through the most searched term and stuff like that I guess, yeah. So while I was there today, I noticed there were some activity on the entry in regards to Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate -The Shield of AIGIS- (it’s been years but still, damn that name is long). I have actually almost forgotten about this game until looking at the site stats page with this on it lol. I don’t know, now I feel compelled to play it again after I’m done with Vesperia, which should be very soon since I’m at the final dungeon already as of yesterday, just a matter of how quickly I could be done with the secret dungeons first. Fun facts: Koisuru Otome was the last PS2 game I have really seriously played and finished; the last PS2 game I seriously played but never finished was Summon Nights 4 (the indisputable culprit). Ah 2008, so numerically close but so perceptively far.

Quite some number of self linking in the entry this time lol, while looking around for the older posts I’ve also run into a post which mentions something very relevant to the main point of this entry today lol, talk about history repeating itself. Oh, I’ll also have to get back to Summon Nights 4 soon as well. As I type this entry I’m starting to miss my loli dragon as well, damn.


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