ToV done-ish

February 28, 2011

Finished Tales of Vesperia on Friday or Thursday (lol I forgot). Been playing the extra dungeon unlocked in the clear save data for a while as well as getting various stuff prepared for a future ExNew Game data migration after that; GRADE farming, equipment hunting, skill learning, those stuff.

While at that, spent some time thinking about what to play next. One consideration that went through my head was that there was always gaps of at least years between every Tales I play, so I would end up having to re-learn and get used to again on the all the timings, ougi, hi-ougi, blast arts, etc etc everytime. Hence favour was high towards Tales of Graces, since I’m well into my Tales comfort zone just having played ToV. 1  point there. Then I thought about all the other games I have left unopened. While just going through the stuff, I somehow decided to open Neptunia. While reading the manual, I somehow felt like playing it. The rest was history. I’m quite surprised at how inexplicable I can be. Also, lol Rorona.


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