Neptunia beaten, technically

March 11, 2011

Pulverized the final boss so technically I’ve beaten the game? I don’t think it counts as that the game has ended though since beating the final boss was one of the conditions to unlock some of the late game stuffs. Anyway~ that was fast lol. Took only 2 weeks from start to now and I wasn’t even trying. Setting the Japanese audio over the English text, I’ve noticed a lot of Japanese internet jokes getting lost in translation. Can’t be helped in this case, jokes won’t work if you don’t already know the subject beforehand. Not that it’s something as simple as putting up a translation note like in fansubs. I sympathize with the staffs who had to localize this. Now I shall have some fun with the bulk of stuff that got unlocked post-final boss, then I’ll put a proper closure to this game after the true ending, or whatever they call it.

As commemoration (lol), here’s Neptunia’s opening.

P.S. condolence to Japan and those affected by the quake


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