Sucker Punch

March 25, 2011

Ok, first movie review in ages~ Went out to catch this with some friends today. Being from the guy who did 300, it has the same post production visual effect used; high colour contrast, those kind of things. One thing that would help one enjoy this movie more easily is to realize that it is by no means direct; as in what’s happening on screen aren’t necessary what’s “really” happening. Some scenes would be “represented” by something else based on its underlying essence of sort, etc, kind of like visual analogy. It’s quite a different and refreshing kind of storytelling but I could see many movie goers getting confused along the way expecting a straight forward movie. It’s nowhere near mindfuck but it’s unusual enough for most people I would assume.

However, while the storytelling is good, the story itself as a whole is kind of anti-climatic. Not to mention that I couldn’t help but to think it was a women empowerment motivational propaganda video mashed up with an extremely simplified Prison Break by the time the credits roll. Also, the marketers’ decision to market this movie as action was a terrible mistake. While it does have several awesome action scenes, it really isn’t the main point nor the core of the movie. I don’t know what genre to call it but it’s something closer to movies like Prestige than Rambo for sure. If you are going into the cinema expecting boom-bangs from start to end, you’ll be wholly disappointed. It’s a motivational video. With that said, screenwriters and playwritghts on the other hand might orgasm at this.

Onto other stories, I have gotten the true ending and 100% completion on Neptunia some time ago as well as gotten myself the bluray version of Wipeout HD Fury. I am also back to playing Rorona whilst juggling with Wipeout every now and then when I get too tired synthesizing things. There is also an assignment due next Thursday which I have not even began thinking about. Cheers to life.

Oh btw, Gust announced Atelier Meruru two days ago. Maybe I’ll make an entry about that soon.


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