April 2, 2011

Got this PSN exclusive yesterday. Been wanting it for a very very long time already, held back only by my lack of credit in PSN (I was short of 50 cents for this game >__>) coupled with my reluctance to spend a chunk of money to buy a PSN top-up card for various reasons. So I relented and got one yesterday, didn’t took long for me to spent 50 cents off it lol.

So yeah, Malicious. Currently it’s still only in Japanese but it’s available on both the Japan and Asia PSN Store; I’m not sure if it’s in the US and Europe store though. Here’s my overview on the experience with the game: it’s bloody worth the money. Seriously, it is very good for the price this thing went for (¥800, convert it to your own currency). The gameplay is like action, plays very much like Nier. The game as a whole is a boss-run, where you immediately face the boss in every stage and the stage ends when the boss is defeated. You also decide your own stage sequence much like Megaman (aka Rockman). Also much like Megaman (Rockman) is that you gain the ability of the bosses (kind of) that you defeat. Really this game is t3h awesome. Only draw back, like what the rest of the internet is saying, is the short length of the game. You can finish the entire thing in about an hour, excluding game over retries. While you can decide which stage goes next, the stage gets progressively harder and the boss left for the last will ultimately get extremely powered up. Even on default, some boss are harder than others. So if you find one boss that’s particularly difficult and decide to leave it for the last hoping you could try fighting again after gaining all the abilities from the other bosses, bad decision lol. I’m too lazy to talk about the story as it’s quite elaborate, too elaborate for something that could be completed in an hour… As an end note, there are many things I regret in life but purchasing this game isn’t one of it. Just wished it was longer.

Here’s one of the promotion PVs for the game just for the sake of not letting this post be entirely a wall of text lol:


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