Neptunia 2

April 21, 2011

lol, that’s right, Chou Jigen Game Neptune aka Hyper Dimension Neptunia is getting a sequel this August, Chou Jigen Game Neptune mk2.


Seems like it takes place after the first game, well, that’s what sequels are after all. Surely you wouldn’t believe a happy ending after the battle with ‘piracy’ itself in the first game  lol, piracy never ends, there will never be a ‘happy ending’. This time — after the console war of the 7th generation consoles in the previous game — it’s the NDS vs PSP scene (the two most pirated console this generation, coincidence?), with the main character being Neptune’s younger sister Nepgia (my rough guess on romanisations since there are no official ones yet, I think) PSP being represented by Yuni as the younger sister of Noire (PS3) and the NDS being Rom and Ram, the little sisters of Blanc (Wii). They are probably fighting another representation of piracy lol.

Looks like they turned on some cellshading filter for the graphics this time, 3D model wise it does look a little higher in polygon compared to the first game, characters look a little ’rounder’. Proper light reflection thingy are used as well so it’s a little closer to the 7th generation console graphics standard I guess. As for the battle system, the system in the first game was very broken and quite exploitable in various parts, the one in this looks like it won’t be (completely) the same as can be seen in the screen shots; there is a mini map in battle suggesting free movement — which is awesome — but there’s the turn indicator bar thingy above as well so… it might turn out into something like Grandia? Grandia is awesome so that’s still fine lol. Just hope they put more effort into the skills perks and weakness aspects of the system. That I felt was the weakest in the first game, where you could practically just force your way through the entire game using only one ability. Because there’s no ‘strong against’ or ‘weak against’, the strongest attack is effective on everything, EVERYTHING. Not much of an encouragement for variation so the game soon turns boring. Just do something about that and the game will come across very very much better. Also the Guard Break skip button exploit thing lol. I’ll keep an eye on this one, looks promising.

Here is the official page: clicky

Here are some screenshots and stuff, it won’t be hard to figure out who is who lol:

It appears that Compa and IF will be returning as playable characters. I wonder if they managed to get more game companies to agree to be made into characters in the game this time lol

Also, all the characters this time are so loli, I’m actually worried for the US localization lol. Then again, I was equally worried for Persona 3 last time and look how that turned out. Not that I mind either way hohoho. Only that the topic this time is a little more sensitive compared to shooting-yourself-in-the-head-using-that-thing-your-dad-kept-in-that-drawer, what with people getting arrested for getting a lost child back to their parents, or even just greeting people; public safety paranoia is at all time high. Some storm might be stirred, or I’m just thinking too much.


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