Nendoroid Generation

April 26, 2011

lol the popularity of the Nendoroid line of figurines/toys/little thingy/aesthetic gratification/hobby sure have been growing in extreme proportions since its first appearance back during Wonder Festival 2006. Now, it isn’t uncommon to even see people who have nothing but Nendoroids amongst their collections. Popular, indeed. And now, Bandai Namco/Banpresto are going to be releasing a PSP game based on that line of figurines/toys/little thingy/aesthetic gratification/hobby, the sheer coverage this news of an otherwise another obscure Japan-only videogame alone are getting online is proof to the popularity of Nendoroids.

I for one never got into the hype of Nendoroids so it’s not making me as restless as many of the real fans of the toy/little thingy/aesthetic gratification/hobby/figurine line (lol seriously, what would nendoroids fall under), I guess. Information on the game itself are sparse so far but it’s supposed to be something of an RPG with tints of Tamagochi and some dancing stuff lol. Digimon World 1 x Project Diva perhaps? The general impression I’m getting for now is that it’s another fan service kind of game (note: the term ‘fan service’ is not exclusively synonymous with ‘ecchi’) ala Sunday VS Magazine which aim is specifically to please the existing fans, generally being of mediocre to average of quality. Just my honest thoughts but who knows, it could turn out awesome. Besides, where else would you ever get something like Nanoha + Saber + BRS… ok, maybe I’m not a fan of nendoroids as a hobby but the fanbase coverage of the underlying subject is quite wide with this one… scratch that, ANY games with Nanoha in it are destined to be awesome, period.

Official page: http://nengene.channel.or.jp/

More info/screenshots: http://www.famitsu.com/news/201104/21042645.html


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