The release of El Shaddai

May 1, 2011

Damn forgot about this, late by three days. Oh well…

Anyway, El Shaddai — an action game for the 360 and PS3 based on the Book of Enoch — was released on the 28th of April in Japan. While this game haven’t been getting too much attention in the west (the US version’s coming this summer btw), it’s one of the most anticipated game in the Japanese interweb, thanks no little to Nico Nico Douga.

It all started with one of the trailers for the game that was released back during the E3 in 2010.

This trailer struck a particular amusement amongst the Nico Nico users especially with the overly confident looking Enoch despite being beaten up badly, the various phrases like “そんな装備で大丈夫か?/sonna soubi de daijoubu ka?” (see 1:04 in the trailer above), “大丈夫だ、問題ない!/daijoubu da, mondai nai!” (see 1:06), “一番いいのを頼む!/ichiban ii no wo tanomu!” (see 1:50), and more, these in addition to the amusing fact that Enoch actually ‘game over’ed in a cut scene. Nico Nico users then used this to spawn tonnes of parodies, currently totaling to no less than 4670 parody videos. Below are some interesting examples:

Edit: lol found another one too awesome to leave out

And now the game is out. While it definitely will not be able to live up to the ultra inflated hype of Nico Nico, the latest trailers does show it to be somewhat an interesting game. I might consider getting this after the English version is released just to compare the price. Currently it’s said the US version will have changeable voice but we’ll see about that. Might consider getting the Japanese version if there isn’t a voice option, since the voice is the whole point of the amusement in this anyway. I am another avid Nico Nico Douga lurker after all lol


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