May 11, 2011

As a follow up of sorts, I shall hereby list out what I might or might not be buying, just for the heck of it, or for pseudo-bragging purpose, or whatever. May or may not be a combination of one or more items, depends. Not that it matters too much. What, the last time I said I didn’t know what I was going to buy? I lied ha ha

Toshiba Regza Tablet AT300 aka Toshiba Thrive

Partial PC with only a new motherboard, i7 2600 and RAM

Black★Rock Shooter The Game White Premium Box

Busou Shinki Altines

Some electric folding bicycle

It goes this way, I could get either the partial PC or electric bicycle, plus either BRS Premium or Altines, or I could get the Regza; the budget is enough to cover for either two items or one Regza. As of now, I am very much leaning to an electric folding bicycle. The picture used shows a Dahon Boost but that’s way out of my budget lol. It’s either going to be an electric folding bicycle or a normal folding bicycle. I’m looking at something now but I have not gotten full details of its characteristics yet, once I’ve learned all there is about the bicycle then only would I make a decision. As for the PC, originally I was planning for a full PC but then I just figured I don’t really play any PC games these days anyway so I just took graphics card out of the equation and pumped the money into all the other parts. Besides, graphic cards can easily be added later on when I feel like it. The PC consideration was mostly at odds with the tablet, it’s the good ol’ performance vs portability argument. By specs alone, the Regza was very good — Tegra 2 dual-core, native 720p, 32gb+SD slot=64gb, full size HDMI, full size USB, swappable battery — the only questionable aspect is the yet unreviewed Honeycomb OS and the still not finalized price, although a general estimation is out. Largest negative factor however is that it’ll engulf my entire budget, leaving nothing for anything else. Last are the other two hobbyistic things. I have not been getting any figurines or those collectible things for a very very long time. This is because I have been trying to quit collecting expensive figurines and avoid its common trappings. These two will effectively break my oath lol. I may lie to myself by saying I really was only interested in the BRS game and had no interest in the WRS figma whatsoever but I know what’s really pulling me there. As for the Altine, it isn’t really a new model or anything, it’s actually a limited pre-order only figure from 2010. Limited pre-order only means it fetches absurdly high prices in the secondhand market in Japan. So now they are opening up a second production cycle for August pre-order, and I thought it was cool.

Anyway, as it stands I may just get an electric folding bicycle and the BRS Premium, if I don’t change my mind tomorrow.



  1. baisikuru. mana satu? itu local 1?

    • lol yes, most likely that.

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