May 14, 2011

As a follow up of sorts to a follow up of sorts, here is a list of things I wanted to get but was deliberately left out of the previous list because I definitely wouldn’t or couldn’t get them… yet. Not that many of them that I could think of off the top of my head anyway. Pointless post as usual.

Wacom Cintiq 12WX

Wacom Cintiq, the epic machine of epicness. I’ve been using the Wacom Bamboo I borrowed from a friend for quite sometime now and I still can’t get over the awkwardness of not looking at my hand while drawing. But then again, my drawing suxxorz; mainly because I lack practice; which is because I lack equipment; which I did not keep in stock because my drawwing suxxorz; it’s a vicious cycle but this shall solve it allz! Yeah, something like that.

Dahon Boost

It’s the same bike used in the picture for electrical folding bicycles the last time. The contraption itself however is way way way out of my reach lol. I’ll get it one day, if I haven’t gotten myself a personal helicopter.

A notebook PC

This was actually included in the PC vs tablet fight during the early stages but any laptop below the higher mid-end range are a complete waste of money anyway so the idea was scrapped. Definitely not getting one for the foreseeable future.

Some tablet PC

The real tablet PC, not a tablet. It’s actually an idea that dates back to the late 2009, ultra ancient idea it was. However whatever that’s in the market are either too horrible interms of specs or too incredible in terms of price so this one’s still in limbo 2 years into the future. I suppose the Toshiba Regza wouldn’t turn this invalid as well; a device running some smartphone OS can never equate a device that runs a PC’s OS no matter how you sugarcoat the description, like say… lets see iOS run AutoCAD.

Griffon Enterprises stuff

Everything listed in here. These easily goes into the ‘wouldn’t get’ category since I’m over collecting figures already! Or so I keep telling myself. It’s working so far though. Yeah. Hey, no harm just wanting right? They are not cheap anyway, each of them.



  1. The black rock shooter is bettah~

    Can’t imagine you on the bike, tho I think it would fit you well.. almost too well.. I say you will get a personal plane, the future holds many unforeseen

    P.S. Just remind yourself not to look at the artbook section in ‘you know where’, lol.

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