ToG 2

May 30, 2011

Done with the extra chapters~ It was really interesting to watch how things were after the Lambda incident, wish it was longer though. Here’s some thoughts of mine which I forgot to mention in the previous ToG1 entry, it’s actually more fitting there, oh well: As you can see in the picture above, Asbel is shown having heterochromic eyes; blue and purple. This is also the case with the box art. This puzzled me for quite a bit early on in the game last time since Asbel doesn’t appear so in-game. I forgot about that after awhile because I never saw the box again as I never took out the disk from the PS3. Got reminded again about it at the very end of the game lol. Kind of forgot that the PS3 version was supposed to go on after the ending of the Wii version at that time so the new box cover was actually a post-Wii-ending representation, in a way. Makes sense if you compare it to with the Wii box art (this). Well, don’t mind about it, just a little thought of mine.

On another note, Tales of Xillia’s going on sale in September! w00t


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