Amazon Japan opens preorder for Tales of Xillia

June 1, 2011

Just days after I mention Tales of Xillia, Amazon Japan has opened preorder for Tales of Xillia today. As usual, first batch preorder gets lots of extra goodies in exchange for risky purchasing without any third party opinion, well… you’d be that third party opinion if you have the first batch lol. Extras this time includes some product codes and extra in-game character costumes to be redeemed from PSN, assuming PSN Japan’s actually back online by September lol. I’m actually very tempted to place an order for this. I never mentioned it after that but I’ve actually placed the order and paid for the BRS game from the last time as well so I guess I could shave quite some cost from the delivery by having both of them sent together if I ever order Xillia as well. But on the other hand I’m quite skeptical of Namco on this one, what with their reputation to release ‘complete edition’s on totally different consoles one year after they release a game. I’d be very relieved if Xillia was in native 1080p lol, otherwise many things do subtly suggest they might pull off the ‘complete edition’ thing on Xillia as well… but then again, I really want to play this, hmmmmmmm…

Click on the picture above to go to the Tales of Xillia page on Amazon Japan, if you want to place an order or look at the screenshots or whatever.

On to another story, I’ve started on Tears to Tiara since after I was (kind of; still had two extra bosses to fight actually, but oh wellz~) done with Tales of Graces the other day. lolz sure took me long to play this, thinking back about when I first made mention of the game in here. To think most of the web traffic here from Google Images since then was through this picture… lmao, internet oh internet.


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