June 5, 2011

Well, it’s officially supposed to be in all upper case but it looks to outstanding so…

Aquapazza is the royal rumble of all (most{of the more famous ones at least}) the characters that ever appeared in any Aquaplus games in the history of the universe and beyond and beyond and beyond. It’ll be for the TAITO Type X2 arcade machines in Japan and there are no word about when they will actually be releasing it, or I just didn’t happen to find out. Of course, unless you are in Japan you’d probably will never ever see this game ha ha ha, however that also applies to me. Now, here’s to hoping Aquaplus eventually ports it to the PS3 as they have with Tears to Tiara and White Album (whose characters incidentally also appears in Aquapazza so +2 points for that). From their track record that prospect does seem quite likely. Well, ok, it’s actually made by Examu instead of Aquaplus themselves but hey, Examu’s Arcana Hearts series have all been getting ported to the consoles so yeah, still very likely. While I’m at it, I shall also hope they have more characters in the PS3 port, be it by DLC or what not, there are still quite some characters I could think of that should be in here but aren’t (yet?), like whoever from Megido no Oka or Tenerezza.

Here’s one of the trailers. They actually introduce new characters with every successive trailer so there actually might be more characters to come yet…? idk.


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