Ultra nostalgia – Futakoi

June 12, 2011

For some time, I have had an idea. For some time, I have been working on that idea. For some time, I have been tinkering with the idea of playing the PS3 without being in the presence of my PS3; it’s in my room so technically at ay other part of the house that isn’t my room. On one side, this is to project a facade that I wasn’t in my room most of the day (I am these days lol); on another it’s for my curiosity on whether it’s workable. I know it’s possible, just whether if it’s workable enough to be generally usable. This was originally inspired by the knowledge that the PS3 controller could work within a 10m radius, the general active range of bluetooth devices. So, the idea is to have the PS3 on SD, hook it into my video capture card, broadcast my card as a webcam through LAN, access that using a laptop or whatever somewhere else in the house, and play with the controller from there. Obvious weakness here is that the 6-axis will most definitely be messed up and it can only work within a 10m range, but where my ps3 is 10m covers my entire house already anyway, almost, I think, unless I decide to play in the lawn or something, yeah. Only problem so far I’m facing is looking for the proper network broadcasting software; so far the best candidates aren’t free and the available ones gives me all sorts of problems.

So anyway, after that long paragraph you may be wondering what any of those have any relation at all with the entry title. Well, so I was testing another broadcasting program yesterday when I decided turn on the PS2 just to feed the composite channel on my TV capture card with something for the sake of testing. While I was just fiddling around the system menu just to produce some movement on the video, I then went into my memory card in the PS2 and started looking around my old stuff. So I went to the bottom of the pile and

Suddenly then I had an urge to play Futakoi. So I did for the next hour or so lol. My Japanese capability was horrible back in 2004 when I played that game, I won’t say I’m uber epic now but I definitely didn’t not improve in the past 7 years so as I played the game, it kind of felt strange… like it was a different game altogether that I have no memories of at all… though the actual spoken dialogues were very familiar to the ear lol. Such difference from playing a game half knowing what’s happening.

And I still couldn’t find a good broadcasting program.

Also my semester exam started and ended yesterday, oh right, I’ve also went to watch X-Men First Class after that, was not bad.


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