Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s Portable – The Gears of Destiny

June 14, 2011

zomg Takao-buchou with guns!

zomg another Nanoha gaemz! It’s going to be a direct sequel to the previous game, taking place about 3 months after that. Are they planning to fill up the years of blank between Nanoha A’s and Nanoha StrikerS with these games? I suppose they could since despite the many multimedia (manga, drama cd, etc) around documenting everything before, after and around the periods of the 3 anime, there was little to none covering Nanoha and co between them in middle school during A’s and being legally employed into the Time-Space Administration Bureau in StrikerS; that’s a complete blank over their entire highschool period; though one manga did mention in passing a little regarding this period to explain why Nanoha in StrikerS does not go all out in battle as often as she used to in A’s and before, not that it was too obvious anyway since she’s already much stronger than many others despite holding back lol. I didn’t even notice that until they mentioned it in the manga actually lol.

Anyway, Gears of Destiny, not too sure what the story will be about this time but it seems to have something to do with time travel or something like that involving the two new characters (Amitie and Kyrie Florian) it seems. Also, the 3 antagonists (kind of) from Battle of Aces are also returning in addition to Vivio, Einhart Stratos and Thoma Avenir (didn’t really mind much in the manga because it was black and white but Thoma in colour screams Haseo lol) from the on-going ‘4th season’ manga Nanoha Vivid and Nanoha Force. I guess that also means it’s the first time Einhart and Thoma gets voiced. Strangely, Chrono and the Wolkenritters are missing from the character roster, they appeared last time so… UMD limit? lolz. Should have at least left Vita and Reinforce Ein in there, they are cheap fun. It’ll be released on the 22nd of December… long way to go :/

Some stuff:

More screenshots in Famitsu.


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