Another full day out

June 26, 2011

There was this today

so I went down to KL with some friends from my Japanese class. Well, it’s yet another thing I never blogged but this very same fair was also held once last March and we (this very same troupe) also went to that one so this is kind of like a follow up, to that one, for them; I was just tagging along for the lulz. Some friends of mine are planning to move to the great land of Japan next year for further studies (and subsequent permanent residence), for which they got in touch with a particular international school during the very same education fair in March, now they are meeting them again to finalize things and get the finer minute details and stuff. And I was there to leech info both times.

Anyway, after that, just like the other time, we spent the around the city for the whole day, mostly circling the same place I went two days ago but instead got around getting awesome food and seeing awesome stuff I didn’t bother stopping by the other day, because I was pretty sure I’ll be back again today anyway lol. Had some awesome hirei + rosu tonkatsu thing at Tonkatsu. Along the way, we also dropped by Kinokuniya, the place I got my book orders just two days ago, and see what happens when I drop by Kinokuniya.

I just end up getting something! Deja vu?

If you are sharp enough you will notice than at this point a certain volume 2 will be absent amongst the manga I own. Yeah, I just created a gap between a series lol, damn.


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