June 27, 2011

Read this first if you don’t know what’s Jubeat.

Apparently we have ourselves a bootleg Jubeat called eagic lol.

Sucky phone camera. Anyway, it's not the real Jubeat

It has none of those Bemani songs from the original instead sporting random western mainstream, chinese and j-pop songs. I’m also reading that it’s much easier compared to the real Jubeats. Still having regrets for not being able to try my hands on the real deal last year when I was in Japan. Actually first saw and tried this machine last week when I was out to get ink for my printer before I started on the nice boat lol. Went back to the same area again today, for ink again. Well, the attraction factor’s the same I guess? Quite addictive.

Also, my JLPY N1 is on this coming Sunday and I am in the same escapism spirit as I was during my college exam several weeks ago hahaha oh damn… btw, I am aiming to be among the best 20 in the country (キリッ


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