JLPT N1 and White Album

July 4, 2011

Went for the JLPT level 1 exam yesterday. I’ll refrain from saying how (I think) I fared orz The exam was held in the heart of the capital so I spent a couple of hours after the exam ended at 1pm walking around the place for fun since I never get down to that part of the city unless I had a good reason to do so (JLPT’s good enough). Kind of refreshing it was I guess.

Like my college exams, I didn’t really feel much sense of urgency for the JLPT exam right up to the few days leading up to it. Also like my college exams, when I did begin feeling restless about the exam getting closer, I start doing something other than studying lol. When my college exams came a few weeks ago, I started watching anime; now the two days before my JLPT, I started playing White Album. Yeah, White Album, that Aquaplus PS3 remake of the old PC eroge by Leaf. Fast forward three days, I’ve cleared one ending today.


Like always, clearing these galges, eroges and the like leaves me feeling all warm and heavy inside. Something with ending up feeling attached to the characters and all that and when the credits roll you get torn or something like that. I’ll quote myself saying something somewhat relevant:

…going through these eroges leave me more an emotional impression compared to regular games. Maybe it’s because eroges are more about reading and looking at what’s going on rather then making things happen yourself…

Source: here

lol that was probably the first time I’ve ever used the block quote tag in wordpress.

This time is a rare case where the first ending I went for wasn’t the main heroine’s ending; usually I would go for the main heroine first because that’s usually the canonical/true ending(?), I guess. The ending that would be used in the anime adaption (if one ever materializes). Now I’m contemplating whether I should jump straight back into New Game and proceed with the other endings or should go play something else first before coming back, just for variation’s sake. I guess I do still have the few hour game play save data for Futakoi from the other day, and I also am quite tempted to play Shugo no Tate again (if I can find the disk). Come to think of it, I STILL have not finished Tenshinranman zomg! How many years ago was that already!? lol but then again, there are many games that I have left hanging in mid air. Looking through the links I’ve posted in this post alone, I’ve started feeling tempted to replay Thirua Panic as well. … maybe I should stop reading my own blog for today.

Oh, almost forgot, I was playing Dead Nation too the few days before I started White Album. Was done with that as well. That game was quite fun, had the whole Contra arcade feel to it. Just that the stage design was such that it felt monotonous where even when the backdrop is totally different between every stage, it doesn’t feel any different when you actually get into the game. Also, the total lack of indoor action is a shame. But despite that, it’s still fun enough.


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