July 10, 2011

sometimes I wonder how they adapt jokes like these

Why have I never checked it out myself? I almost never watch anime where the manga I have already read, only exception I could easily recall was Ichigo Mashimaro. Now why was that again?

edit: lol accidentally left at draft for half a week, that’s what I get for not checking back on my own blog


One comment

  1. They might just remove this portion, tho I wouldn’t be too surprised if they found some way to do this rofl. Initially I thought this was some yuri thing (I think it is partially somewhat) and decided not to pick it up, but I read that it has good comedy so.. yea.

    *random note:
    /Continues watching nekogami
    ~_~ 2 minutes into the show and I hear kuroko’s voice all over again and went lol.

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